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Whether your case is just starting, in the middle, or you need to wrap it up, Able To Help can assist you with family, civil, unlawful detainer (eviction), and probate matters by assisting in settlement negotiations, preparing or answering petitions or complaints, helping you establish or modify orders, making or responding to motions, providing generally published legal information, and more.

Receive premium mediation services. Dr.Watkins has been mediating since 1991 and have been professor of Conflict Resolution for two major universities since 1997.

  • Divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, support, division of property

  • Unlawful detainer (eviction)

  • Civil matters

  • Conservatorships, guardianships, and probate

Mediation is available for:

You may qualify for reduced cost mediation services if one of you has a current fee waiver, a net worth of less than $75,000 and the other has a gross annual income of less than $60,000.00

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You may qualify for FREE mediation if you have a family law (divorce, partnership dissolution, paternity, etc.) case filed in California, you both have current court fee waivers and have a combined net worth of less than $75,000 (based on I&E, and SAD).

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